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 *** Announcing a special offer for Vacation Rental Property Owners ***


 Greetings from

With Savvy Vacations (WSV)

"Travel Like You Have a Trust Fund"


With Savvy Vacations (WSV) wants to give you a limited-time offer: advertising of your rental property and membership to our groundbreaking vacation rental club website for the first year's introductory rate is FREE. Each property listing includes 6 photos added to your site for FREE. Our regular rate is $199.00 for a year's membership. All payments are made through PayPal or Credit Card.

WSV is offering this opportunity as we seek to further build inventory and market share. WSV is on the verge of being the leading rental vacation club site worldwide. Join us now and be part of the most full-featured, responsive, and fast-growing vacation rental club site on the Web!

Signing up is simple, fast and FREE! Join the most exciting vacation rental club website on the Web today! We're confident that once you experience how well WSV promotes your property you'll want to stay with us!

Membership will be automatically renewed unless we are notified 30 days prior to end of the introductory offer.


All properties are subject to on site visits. Each US property will be verified to insure eligibility for vacation rental! As part of our verification process, WSV contacts Property Managers, Homeowner Associations and other organizations. In the future we hope to be able to verify foreign properties as well! If a property is deemed ineligible because of false statements on the application, the property will be removed from our site and refunds will not be given.

Keep watching! We're constantly adding exciting new features!

To join us now, visit our WSV Home Page:

With our special WSV offers, you can be one of our Featured Homepage Properties.

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